Our interior door menu is complete.  We offer the most popular models and we work with our customers to make their job easy. We provide truckloads on schedule and to order.  Your doors are delivered direct from the factory and never cross an ocean.  Prehung door options or pure slabs, we have you covered.  Our hollow core menu is complemented by our Poly Door* which is economical and acts like a solid core, ask us about it!


Don’t compromise the quality and consistency of the product for a few pennies.  For ALL trim – case, base, crown, stair risers and treads, finger jointed, solid or hardwood…primed, raw, painted or gesso coated. CCFI delivers truckloads of millwork on time and usually faster than you’d need it! 


Multifamily buyers looking for Euro-Style and framed options by the truckload we have you covered.  The most economical options are available to the highest quality custom cabinets…solid wood, melamine, all finishes – let us help you dial in the best option


Make your home a unique showplace by adding our interior steel and glass doors.  Home values will only skyrocket by adding a specialty office entry, wine cellar or humidor entryway. Ask us about our standard door options or ask us about designing your own unique door or entryways.


While most of our offerings are dialed into the multifamily market, we also supply ‘custom’ options.  Specialty cabinetry and furniture are now at your fingertips, you dream it and draw it…we’ll have it made!


Manufacturing Process and Partners. When we discuss our manufacturers’ processes we have to consider our manufacturing partners…


CCF delivers treads and risers for the largest distributors in the US. Whether produced in raw woods or wrapped in vinyl materials to match all colors CCF provides the highest quality and most consistent products in the US. The expertise from our factory lines to our logistics persons and infrastructure make CCF the first choice in all stair products.

Our question to anyone considering working with CCFI:

If you could order integral building products by the truckload with the confidence (proof) that what you ordered is in production, on the truck, on the way and arriving as scheduled…would you do it? We understand the importance of consistent quality production, logistics management and keeping to YOUR schedule. You will not meet more ethical and or harder working supplier/partners than we at CCFI.

Our Mission

Our mission is to construct business solutions for companies which build their businesses around wood, woodworking…

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If you’re looking for stylish, custom moldings for your floor, wall and ceiling trims, then look no further…

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With 6 degrees and over 130+ years of cumulative experience, we’ve learned that what really matters is what you do with it…

“CCF Woodworks International’s purpose from day 1 has been to provide 100% customer satisfaction…”

We are experienced

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

CCF Woodworks International’s purpose from day 1 has been to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We work directly with production factory owners to build a solid and responsible foundation for supply chain priority and then we nurture those relationships with their entire team to ensure the highest quality products at the best value are delivered for our clients.

About us


Our story starts 7 years before we actually decide to organize. Our business “idea” was offered up in a text message that was sent and went unread for 7 years. As the song goes, ” for everything turn-turn-turn, there is a season turn-turn-turn.”

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