CCF connects and communicates cross border to assist all types of businesses.  Would you like to grow your markets into Latin America?  Would you like to assess the feasibility of opening a factory abroad?  CCF can help direct, guide and assess your possibilities.  With agents across primarily Latin America, CCF can help you understand the cultural and social diversities in order to manage expectations, economies of scale and ramp up times.  Curious?  Just call..

About Our Custom Woodworking

When you see this image what do you see?  Your position in life, your disposition and the extent of your ‘buy in’ will shape your answer.
So much goes into conceiving, starting, maintaining, fine tuning and growing a business.  Perspectives can get confused, distorted and even lost in the day-to-day hustle.  Are we doing enough?  Are we maximising our time, our people and our opportunities? How might we best keep on task while doing everything that “pops up” everyday?
When a small child probably sees this image, it probably represents an unbelievable amount of projectiles to launch (especially if next to a ‘body of water’): a more developed mind may see an artful representation of a metaphor used in business where the stones, pebbles and sand represent time, tasks and priorities, if you haven’t heard it, check out the video on the right, and if “man” 200,000+ years ago would have wondered upon a grouping of such rocks…the most developed thinkers of the time may have seen an inventory from which to create tools.

CCFI with 100+ cumulative years of business experience can help by sharing diverse business experiences and life perspectives to dial in a more focused map for your business. We have succeeded in various and multiple businesses of all sizes. From corporate boardrooms and conference rooms in NYC, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh to factories and mills deep in the whole of the Sierra Madre of Mexico and deep into the Paraguayan rainforests. We’ve been entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our perspectives will vary and provide dimension to your vision and the way in which you approach attaining goals.

CCFI offers services for effective business planning, business development plans and international business expansion options. There exists a tumultuous international storm brewing between China, Russia and the US. Latin America, specifically Mexico, and the Caribbean stand to offer closer, more friendly, safer and ultimately better options for production redirection. We believe the US should be the hub for production; however, intelligently placed partner factories can and do offer economy of scales that grow bottom lines without having to cross oceans or rely on unfriendly, unethical and unreliable country partners.

If any of these points make you curious about how CCFI might be able to help your company either ‘redirect’ production away from China, Indonesia or Vietnam…or maybe you’d just like us to take a look under the hood: we’d love to help. If you’d like to read an interesting book which addresses what the business terrain may very well look like in the next years this is a good one to start with because the clock on the next 100 years is ticking. The Next 100 Years

They say the founders of Sony, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka created and have maintained a business plan of not 5, 10 or even 50 years, but a 500 year plan. Not everything they’ve attempted has been a success, but imagine the patience and calm you would have if the goal is for 500 years! Sony was founded in 1946 as a radio repair shop and today boasts sales of $88.301B USD* (annual global revenue 2022)

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