If I was a Piece of Wood…

If I had 120-250 years to work on my shortcomings…how much better could I be?  If Tiger Woods could work on his swing for up to 250 years and not age…how good would he be?  If Michael Jordan could have been able to work on his shot for 250 years…there would be no GOAT discussion, period!

If I was a piece of wood and I had 250 years to improve molecularly speaking, what would I change? 
  1. Well, first of all…I would want to greatly decrease my chances for rotting!  Who wants rotten wood…who wants rotten anything??!! If I could not age, and be as beautiful as ever…I would want to do that! 
  2. Ooohh, and one more thing – one of my other real weaknesses is the constant expanding and contracting.  Having the nails and screws that hold me together constantly pulling me apart…I hate that.  So, if there was a way for me to greatly minimize all of that expanding and contracting – I would want that too.  That would make my life so much better. 
  3. Aahhh, and also…I would want those pesky bugs off me!  If bugs would see me and see a normal piece of wood and think, I’m gonna eat that ugly, normal piece of wood instead of even thinking about trying to eat that rock hard, gorgeous, Thermally Modified SMOKEWOOD.  That’s what I would want… if I was a piece of wood. 
  4. And, lastly…Can that all be done with a chemical-free process? Asking for a friend. 
Smokewood Colors

The Wait is OVER

The future is here…and it’s called Smokewood.  Today’s THERMALLY TREATED timbers are warmly named Smokewood.  A treated wood that 1) greatly reduces pest vulnerability; 2) greatly reduces contraction and expansion; and 3) almost completely eliminates the rotting process…is here today. Imagine the applications, imagine all of the places you could uses a real wood product like this…and then go make it happen.

Once treated, Smokewood enjoys a modified cell structure changing it as if it had aged for 120-250 years. Wood, made better by 120-250 years – today.  This is a completely chemical-free treatment, too.  If it wasn’t so hard, you could eat it!  It is completely customizable, for interior and exterior uses.  Just think of all the warm applications for smokewood in your next projects. 
For more info, pricing and availability, please email us at any time at info@ccfwoodworks.com.